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Marine Tuft Pty Ltd has taken every step to ensure their Supa Tuft carpet range is of the highest possible quality including having the finished product rated by Australia’s leading textile testing facility AWTA. AWTA provides results on a 1 to 8 scale where 8 is the maximum rating attainable. All weather, indoor/outdoor carpet manufactured by Marine Tuft Pty Ltd has attained a rating of 7 – 8 for resistance to UV degradation, colour retention and exposure to salt water. It is possibly the highest rated polypropylene carpet available. However, Australian marine/outdoor conditions are regarded as some of the harshest in the world and no conditioning will completely prevent some reaction to constant exposure to direct sunlight. Some colour change should be expected if these conditions are to be endured. This product is resistant to staining from most materials. Whilst direct exposure to the sun will have little effect on the pile, the product will not withstand heat in excess of 130°C, either from direct application or radiation. Claims where the yarn has clearly melted from excessive heat from any source will not be accepted.


Marine Tuft Pty Ltd will warrant carpet installed by accredited persons for a period of 2 years from date of purchase and in accordance with provisions set out in this document. The product warranty covers excessive wear, UV degradation, and excessive fading as well as manufacturing defects. Claims for failure of the product to meet our expectations in these respects will be dealt with by supply of replacement carpet only. No other cost associated with the replacement of the product will be accepted by Marine Tuft Pty Ltd.


In all warranty matters, Marine Tuft Pty Ltd reserves the right to accept or deny claims and/or vary the amount of any accepted settlement regardless of circumstances. Marine Tuft Pty Ltd also reserves the right to inspect any product which is the object of a claim prior to accepting that claim as valid. All claims must be processed back through the original chain of supply and be supported by the relevant invoicing and documentation. Marine Tuft may require a sample of the faulty product, such that research can be carried out to prevent future occurrences of any product fault.


Products sold as specials or seconds do not carry any warranty and are sold by Marine Tuft Pty Ltd and accepted by the customer without any offered recourse.