Affordable Teak Carpet For All Wet Areas

Every boat owner loves the look of teak decking, however with Europe all but banning the sale of natural teak wood, not to mention the expensive price tag usually attached, teak decks are out of reach to most private boat owners. Even the artificial teak is costly. But there is another alternative that is affordable and looks amazing … marine grade, teak carpet!

Made in Australia, Marine Tuft is the world’s leading name in teak carpets. Many owners of expensive boats with natural wood teak decks already installed, have laid Marine Tuft’s teak carpet on top of their teak wooden decks, enjoying the carpet’s myriads of benefits while maintaining the original aesthetic feel of teak decking.

Marine Tuft teak carpets love water. In fact, you can simply use a hose to clean them … providing there’s a camber or slope to allow the water to run off. Unique to Marine Tuft is the HydraBak style of backing, specially designed to be porous and allow the sun and wind to naturally dry the carpet as the water evaporates and drains away. HydraBak eliminates the need for heavy rubber underlay which can also cause extensive osmosis damage to fibreglass decks.

Whatever deck you have, you can easily install Marine Tuft teak carpets for a soft underfoot feel that is long wearing, color fast and resistant to UV, water, mold & mildew. These carpets are durably tufted for use on any open boat deck or pontoon platform, yet it remains soft and comfortable enough to use inside boat cabins, on home patios or around poolsides. 

For fishermen, the tufted style of teak carpet means there is minimal risk of snagging a fishing hook compared to conventional needle punch & loop pile carpets. In addition, fluids such as blood, brine and most chemicals are simply hosed off with Marine Tuft teak carpets.

Many apartment owners have fitted Marine Tuft carpets to their balconies for a more comfortable underfoot feel that is non-slippery. This is especially helpful for older residents who are better protected from a fall, cushioned by soft carpet rather than hard tiling. This robust carpet is even chlorine resistant, making it ideal to be used around swimming pools. Again, providing a much safer option and preventing injuries when children can’t help but slip when running on wet tiles or concrete!


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Marine Tuft teak carpets are available in over 20 countries around the world, including the USA which now has stock available from our Florida warehouse. For more details on how you can get an affordable and stylish teak carpet for your boat, pontoon, swimming pool, patio or RV, contact;

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